Ok, so you may have decided to make the move to Boulder, Colorado but there are a few things you need to know before you take the leap.

1. No one is actually from Boulder.

The place attracts so many people from all over the country that it is very rare to bump into a Boulder native.

2. You will need to drink lots of water.

At 5430 feet above sea level, you can easily feel altitude sickness if dehydration gets you. Even a casual workout can feel more intense in Boulder. The climate is very dry too so drinking lots of water will also help keep your skin looking fresh.

3. Boulder is very dog-friendly.

With 5 off-leash dog parks to choose from, owners can take their pets anywhere in the city. Many employers and offices are also dog-friendly. If you are going to bring your furry friend then make sure to check the leash laws and tag requirements in the state.

4. You will bump into elite athletes.

With the altitude making workouts harder, the open space and the lifestyle you are more than likely to bump into world-class cyclists, runners and triathletes taking advantage of the area to train. Boulder now has its own Ironman as well as countless other races, swimming events and triathlons.

5. You will eat so much healthy food.

Boulder is well known for its food culture. Whether you like vegan or meat, 5-star restaurants or food trucks, you are bound to find something that takes your fancy. The Farmers markets are full of local treats and ensure you take your own cloth bag! The veggie capital of the world is full of natural food companies and is an incubator for newcomers to the industry.

6. You won’t need a car.

When it snows in Boulder, cycle lanes are ploughed first. There are 300 miles of bike lanes and paths that connect around the town.

7. You will start to recycle if you do not already.

Boulder has curbside recycling and composting. It is such a way of life that after budget cuts the residents voted for a third sales tax hike to raise $51 million to save and protect more land. For every trash can in Boulder, there are at least 3 recycle bins and they are aiming to reach the “most green city worldwide” by 2020.

8. Bring chapstick and sunscreen.

With the high altitude and the sheer amount of sunny days that Boulder can expect every year it is well worth stocking up on the essentials, you will need them.

9. You will learn to like beer.

With so many microbreweries in Boulder, you really cannot move here without sampling a few of them and booking into a tour to find out more about the home brewing craze that is sweeping the town.

10. Be prepared to live longer.

Due to the high altitude and the health-enhancing effects, this has on your heart and lungs you are more likely to longer than your average American.


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