There are so many reasons that Boulder is the perfect place to relocate to however if you need some convincing that Boulder, Colorado is the place for you then here are our top 8 reasons:

Voted the happiest place in the country.

The people of Boulder are some of the friendliest in the country. It may come as a bit of a shock if you come from a large city but people will engage in conversation with you, they will hold doors open for you and will even let you merge into traffic.

The mountains and the parks.

With 10 national and 42 state parks in and around Boulder, there is not a shortage of outdoor space. So if it is walking, climbing or cycling that gets your heart racing you have it all here.

It is sunny most of the time.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine and even a winter temperature of a mild 35-40 degrees, Boulder is basically heaven. Don’t worry Boulder still has some amazing snow but it tends to stay up in the mountains. 

The food is amazing!

Bon Appetit named Boulder the “Foodist Town” because it has a wealth of farm to table restaurants. It really is hard to go wrong with any food choice in Boulder.

The Craft Beer.

Boulder was voted number 2 in the Forbes “America’s Craft Beer Capitals”. With 7 different microbreweries, you really are spoilt for choice. Boulder is also home to Stout Month which is an annual event celebrating all stout has to offer.

You will be in great company.

Lumosity ranked Boulder as one of the “Smartest Cities in America” With Google and Microsoft having offices in Boulder there is a high population of Developers, designers, scientists, engineers, doctors, marketers, entrepreneurs etc…

You don’t need a car.

With bicycles being so popular and dedicated cycle routes around the city it really is easy to get around without the car. Boulder introduces Bcycle which allows you to rent a bike from various stations around town for as long as you need it. Even in winter the public bus system is very good and reliable.

Loads of Local and Cultural events.

With 32 movie and stage theatres, 30 art galleries and even a resident symphony there is always something to keep you entertained. On top of that there are always cultural events and festivals going on around the town.

Can you think of any that we missed out? Are you sold on Boulder, Colorado now? If you are ready to make your next career move then reach out and get in contact with us now or check out digital jobs on our careers page.