Last weekend our CEO, Jonathan Pearson attended a by invitation only 4 day retreat curated by the Baby Bathwater Institute maestroes Michael Lovitch and Hollis Carter, at Summit on Powder Mountain, Utah.

The purpose included making new friends with masters in their industry and a completely open share of trade secrets that propelled many of the serial entrepreneurs to phenomenal and sustainable growth of their start ups and SMBs of which many achieved several hundred or thousands of employees and 7-9+ figure, $MM organisations.

Baby Bathwater is “More Baby; Less Bathwater”, say Michael and Hollis

If you are reading this blog, you probably care about:

We do too; as do most of our clients and expert talent who power those organisations in their leadership, management or technical specialist roles.

As a true, modern talent search & selection consultancy, we knowledge share internally so that we can share actionable insight with our customers.  We love to ensure our relationships add value to you personally and our people, who become part of your team to facilitate your vision realisation; way ahead of your competition.

During conversations with you about hiring or career plans or consultancy needs on the telephone or during meet-ups we will be impart the most relevant knowledge from many of these outstanding, best in world class experts not forgetting our the experience gained from thousands of successful hires over many decades in our collective team of Consultants / Headhunters.

Business, Hiring & Personal Growth

  • Leadership at 100 m.p.h. by Cameron Herold
  • Grow Your Business 33x with the 6x Method, by Dan Roitman
  • 3 Day Business Cleanse: How to Get the Shit our of Your Business and Get things Moving Again, by Jenny Thompson
  • Opportunities for Cannabis, Panel Discussion
  • Be More Effective and Lead Your Team by Eliminating Deep Seated Fears, by Rhonda Britten
  • Hiring and Managing Creative Teams, Panel Discussion (which included Jonathan Pearson)

Digital Marketing, Film, Email, Podcasts

  • Podcast Traffic & Sponsorship, Panel Discussion
  • Social Media Tricks, Panel Discussion
  • Customer Acquisition – Paid Traffic, Panel Discussion
  • Irresistible Attraction Content by Parris Lampropoulos
  • How to Create Funnels that Work While Using Contact Marketing to Drive Visitors, by David Sinick
  • Creating Effective Viral Campaigns That Do Good, by Jason Harris
  • The Art of Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals and Strengthen Retention Retention, by John Ruhlin
  • How to Use Content, Influencers and Social Networks to Drive Revenue for Pennies on the Dollar, by Dan Novaes
  • Marking Conversion Videos Go Viral, by Dave Ackerman
  • The Evolution of PR and How You Can Use Use it to Your Advantage to Dominate Your Industry, by John, Hall

As Trusted Advisors; We know the Expert for Your Jobs in Your Location

The Baby Bathwater Events are on Powder Mountain (Utah), Boulder (Colorado), and a private Island in Croatia.  Most BluZinc customers are in London, UK, Mainland Europe, USA, Canada and South Africa.

Our skills are in understanding your organisational vision, your customers and supporting you on defining your needs in an ideal C-Level, Director or Senior Specialist hire or in your jobs search, choosing the best employer to join.   Our executive search and selection methods are underpinned with advanced multi-media digital performance advertising and marketing.  We use comprehensive assessment and selection techniques to facilitate a natural team fit.

You will be helped in creating a team that thrives and provides long term growth, with peace of mind.