BluZinc surveyed professional, highly skilled, specialist, Management and Executive Director members on LinkedIn mostly in digital marketing, eCommerce, operations, technology and direct to consumer businesses, and asked them “When is the best time of year for you (employees) to start the process of looking for a new job?”.  The results are:

  • 73% : Jan, Feb, Mar, April
  • 19% : May, Jun, July, Aug
  • 5% : Sept, Oct
  • 4% :Nov, Dec

If you are an employer and interpret these result as you should stop all professional hiring and stop working with any external Recruiters until January and then in Q1 rely 100% on HR Generalists or Internal Recruitment and Employee Referrals, then we need to talk.

  1. What if the best talent potential for your business, are part of the 4%-19%?  How do you reach the 1-5% of that group who are suitable for you to hire and want your job?  There are many life changing events that lead to people looking for a new jobs in H2 or receptive to a company change if they are served an awesome advert or email content or text message etc
  2. Candidates hired by our clients: 60% are sourced from headhunting and 40% from advertising yet only 1% of the candidate from our adverts are hired into the job they applied to
  3. We use SEM/Paid Media because if 40% are hired from adverts although that means we have to review 1,000s of applications and have the resources to make that happen. We review every single job application to ensure we don’t miss people from your competitors and industry verticals
  4. What if an external Recruitment Consultant / Executive Recruiter has a network of warm relationships with potentially perfect hires from your industry vertical, who know your customers, that will exclusively interview with you, during January through to December?
  5. Especially bear this in mind for the September through December segment who might not apply to HR job adverts or messages from unknown companies or those lacking social media proof, as they are not active job seekers
  6. We spend 80% of our time, working on your jobs, seeking out the best possible talent for your business and provide a shortlist of suitable potential hires, getting it right over 95% of the time with our retained/part retained engaged model with talent who are:
  • Committed
  • Successful
  • Achievers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Subject matter experts
  • Behavioural fits to the job and your team
  • Referenced / background checks
  • Cultural fits

We help the best small medium size emerging businesses, hyper growth companies in the Inc 5000 / Times Fast Track Growth list, and larger innovating companies, reach the best talent who do not know your brand or aren’t looking for anew job and will join your team and faceplate the company to double and double within 2-5 years.  The talent we find for you, find a manager who they mutually respect and admire, join, grow and thrive with long term, enjoying interdependent and highly cooperative, respectful relations.