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Pre-employment background checks available to employers directly or via BluZinc such as Referencing and Verification, Identity and Documents Verification, Civil Court Cases, Criminal Records, Credit & Financial, Fraud, Open Media.

Our pre-selected preferred global supplier is Verifile.

You can easily search and select for the country you are wondering about.  Here we illustrate the services for the USA:

Referencing and Verification Services

Activity checks
We’ll verify an individual’s employment, self-employment and educational activities within a specified activity timeframe of your choice.
5-15 working days

Character reference check
We’ll obtain a character reference, providing a referee’s opinion of the individual.
5-15 working days

CV comparison
This check is designed to spot any differences between an individual’s CV and any information they provide during the screening process.
1-2 working days

Education qualifications check
We’ll check the details of an individual’s academic history, both in secondary and higher education.
5-15 working days

Employment history check
With this check, we’ll look to confirm the details of an individual’s employment history.
5-15 working days

Gap analysis
This check is intended to secure explanations of any gaps in an individual’s activity history when they were neither employed or in full-time education.
On submission

Professional memberships and qualifications check
We’ll obtain written confirmation of an individual’s professional or trade membership, qualification or licence(s).
5-15 working days

Professional Associations
Apostille service
We’ll obtain an apostille certificate for documents issued by USA institutions. The Apostille is an official government issued certificate added to documents. The USA Apostille will be recognised when presented in member countries of The Hague Convention and also a number of other countries.
5-15 working days

Fitness and Propriety Declaration (Basic, Standard or Regulated)
This is a customisable self-declaration questionnaire covering topics such as any financial, regulatory, criminal or conflicts of interest that an individual may have had.

Identity and Documents Verification Checks

Global passport validation
We will check if candidate’s personal details contained within the passport match the code on the machine-readable zone (MRZ), as per ICAO standardisation, cross-check against a database of lost, stolen and compromised passports, and undertake a visual authenticity scan.

Identity and address verification
We’ll aim to verify an individual’s identity in any of 166 countries, covering over 3.2 billion citizens worldwide.
1-3 working days

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal court search
This check establishes if an individual has a criminal record.
2-8 working days

Nationwide Wants and Warrants search
This check establishes whether an individual appears in the FBI’s Wants and Warrants database.
2-6 working days

Credit and Financial Checks

Bankruptcy search
This check establishes whether an individual has gone bankrupt.
1-7 working days

Civil litigation search
Using civil court records, we’ll check whether an individual has been involved in civil litigation.
2-6 working days

Fraud Checks
FACIS check
Using a Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) check, drawing on US data sources, including the FDA and DEA, we can check whether a healthcare professional has any history of disciplinary action, ranging from exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation.
1-2 working days

Global fraud and sanctions search
This wide-ranging check establishes whether an individual’s or a company’s name appears in association with anything from criminal activity and international sanctions through to regulatory penalties and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

These services must be requested by the client and prices are available on request.  Depending on the checks and our agreement, they may be included in our previously quoted fees as a valued added service, unless itemized separately by name of check and priced on the invoice to avoid confusion.

An employer must satisfy themselves that the required checks have been completed or any exceptions agreed before making a written offer to one of the candidates BluZinc has introduced for hire.  They must also complete any checks themselves in order with local State laws for their company and job opening.

The time frame is from the time BluZinc submit the request for the check to completion and is an estimate.

Unless agreed in writing with signature from the client and a BluZinc Director, we accept no vicarious responsibility and our master terms and conidiations of business will be the default.