The Seven BluZinc Behaviours are:

  • Creativity
  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Diversity

Behaviours Create the Culture of Your Sustainable Team. Aligned Values & Philosophy Provide Growth.

It is simple, in that if you know what characteristics and behaviours describe your team, department, organisation (mindful of cultural differences in global locations) you will be able to more reliably create assessment methods, that allow you to attract and select the most appropriate talent for your team or the best job for your career, where you often spend 1/3rd of your waking hours.

Asking relevant questions of the candidate or a potential boss is the secret key to making the best choice that leads to very happy, long term working relationships.  If people are too fearful of being honest, then it’s never going to work and can be a significant contributor to high attrition rates, and under-performance for the individual and organisation.

Often, it’s the things we do not say, that cause the biggest problems.  That said, if our gut feeling is saying “I like and respect this person, they have good things to offer me as I have them”, even if everything else wasn’t fault free, when the feelings, hearts and minds connect, we are probably going make things work through thick and thin, which also requires flexible thinking and the maturity to know that “black and white” is full of a large “grey area” between 2 or more individuals unless we clarify and agree.

You could be 3 months in to a new working relationship before the cracks start to show so it’s best to accurately establish an appropriate fit during the interview process which is why BluZinc Consultants invest a large proportion of time to understanding the behaviours of a client and candidate, before the 2 parties have even heard of each other.

When we all get it right, it feels a little bit like magic!