Did you know that since 1956, NPAworldwide has been operating a global membership network of specialist independent recruitment agencies and consultancies?

Global recruiters and headhunters, with capability much like the worlds best RPO / MSP talent outsourcing firms, yet without the PLC shareholders. Focused on the highest quality talent and results oriented, delightful customer experience both client side and candidate side.

You can work with one point of contact within BluZinc, receive the extensive wisdom and creativity from an industry leading Principal Consultant, who will distribute jobs in any of your departments or hierarchy, and manage the candidate relationship with the global NAPworlwide members to save you time and hassle. Think of it as a strategic yet hands on master vendor agreement, which is less about cost cutting and more about taking competitive advantage and growing your market share, with resilient, sustainable team creation.

BluZinc’s priority customer markets include:

  • Talent Acquisition & BluZinc Management Consultancy Jobs:
    • C-Suite eg Chair, President, CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CTO
    • Management of Operations, Marketing, eCommerce, Technology, Finance, HR
  • Mentoring, Coaching & Training – BluZinc Method Masterclass
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Management
    • Leadership Development
  • Employer Clients & Markets
    • Direct response advertising and marketing
    • Business & personal coaching, training, mentoring, education
    • eTail, eCommerce, multi-channel retail, consumer goods
    • Fashion and apparel
    • Health & wellness including supplements & biohackers
    • Organic and natural food, nutrition, drinks, beverages, skin care, beauty, personal care
    • Alternative therapies and medicine including ancient herbs
    • Sustainable living and energy
    • Technology, digital, SaaS, cryptocurrencies

In any global location, if you would like to discuss how to create sustainable and resilient teams for growth in any of the above areas or outside of those areas please get in touch! We will arrange a call with our CEO, Jonathan Pearson to learn more about each other with a focus on your philosophy, vision, goals, objectives and culture!

NPAworldwide & BluZinc Global Talent