I hope the first quarter of 2018 has been productive for you; be it in your career search or achieving your business and personal goals.

At the recent end of our 3rd financial year, BluZinc revenues had grown almost 600% compared with Year 1. We had some exciting team growth in Q1 with new headhunters joining your team across the UK, Europe and Northern America within digital, eCommerce, technology, finance, marketing and communications client employer careers. If you have not already checked them out, please have a look at their profiles on the BluZinc website.

For the last two years we have enjoyed highly successful relationships with customers on 3 continents with hiring hotspots in London, Northern England, Isle of Man, Germany, Austin Texas, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boulder and Durban, South Africa.

We have started to build you dedicated online pages for these featured locations. These are fantastic locations; some of the best places to live in the world where we have awesome relationships with businesses and candidates within your industry or product expertise.

Your first online feature page is for Boulder, Colorado which will be broadcast across our digital and social footprint. Please let us know if you have any fantastic insights for the new page or would like to be featured?

A like, share, forward or a supportive online comment; can change someone’s life… that could be for you, your friend, loved one or family. Like BluZinc Facebook to hear about our $2K bounty when your effort leads to a successful hire by helping us spread the word online about careers and jobs within:

  • Consumer eCommerce & digital marketing communications
  • Health, nutrition & wellbeing
  • Organics, renewables & sustainability
  • Education & personal growth
  • FinTech

With gratitude from all the team at BluZinc.

Jonathan Pearson

Chief Executive