Home blood test kits kits at $100.00 for both tests or each at $69.99 for orders in May and June 2020.  Volume retail discounts available and B2B and wholesale pricing on request.  A dairy farming union in the USA has just ordered 55K units…
A presentation for your senior team about testing for Covid-19 and Antibodies, disaster recovery and business continuity.  This presentation covers:
  • Phased approach to reopening
  • Laboratory produced best practice protocol
  • 8-10 minute field testing
  • Medical and healthcare staffing
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Covid-19 Cleaning & Sanitation between shifts / sessions
  • Safety Supply Chain
Our business partners include the largest laboratory in the USA with testing in 42 countries and a manufacturing facilities with capability of millions of testing kits, under FDA and EU regulations.
It will be beneficial to arrange a call with you key stakeholders, my business partners and the scientific team so we can better understand your high level needs then provide a more detailed schedule to meet your priorities in the short and longer term.
  • What is your Covid-19 disaster recovery and business continuity plan?
  • Do you have a company with a team in a fixed office workspace?
  • Do you have a community of followers with an annual events calendar including in person seminars, conferences, and meet ups?
  • Have you had to already or are you consider postponing or cancelling your events due to Covid-19?
  • Are most of your workforce on furlough?
  • Do you need workers back in the office?
  • Do you need workers back in the manufacturing or production facility or on your farm?
  • Do you have workers or event guests who need virus and antibody testings?
  • Do you care about vulnerable or elderly people who could benefit from these tests?

These test kits are available direct to your home, company HQ, manufacturing plant, production facility or event venue in 42 global locations worldwide with Northern America FDA and European Union Approval.