Since February 2017, BluZinc placed a CEO who then went of to be one of our most committed Consumer eCommerce customers who in 6 months, successfully completed on 11 job opening assignments with our team of Recruiters who display the BluZinc Behaviours.

The candidates introduced and hired were from the Digital Media, Leisure & Consumer Entertainment, Marketing and eCommerce industries and to  underpin the organisations global transformation, relocation, expansion plans and customer experience.

For their London based Creative Digital Marketing Agency Start Up, we introduced:

If You are in Leadership of Digital, Technology, Marketing, eCommerce, HR, Finance, Operations, Sales…

We can probably help you more easily meet your professional goals and objectives.  This can have massive positive impact on your personal life, family or friendships, and your own happiness, by creating more free time.

Would you like to have a conversation about management and leadership careers or your hiring needs?  Our CEO, Jonathan Pearson would love to hear from you with view to meeting up in person.