Tanya Macey writing to you on day 2 of my new job at BluZinc.

Creativity is a behaviour we believe in and the passion I demonstrated for finding digital and FinTech Executive talent at HSBC continues with increased autonomy and mastery.  The clients of BluZinc are start-ups, scaling up SMEs and forward thinking corporates. Locations are not limited to London, the UK, EU, Africa and Northern America.

If you consider yourself agile, grade 10 potential talent, then keep reading.  Especially relevant if you are a Digital Product Owner, otherwise know as a mini-CTO or mini-CEO.

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Succession Plans in the Digital Age for the CDO or CEO

As I venture on my new career path I am interested in your opinion for the senior digital career landscape and executive recruitment.  You are possibly a Digital Product Manager AKA ‘mini-CEO’ or ‘mini-CTO’ (of products), so do you have your sights on the CDO or CEO’s role?

As you have known for years, Digital is an ever changing, evolving landscape.  ‘One size’, ‘one job title’ or ‘one set of skills’, does not fit all.  Your role of Digital Product Manager in it’s current state does not fit generic business needs and organisations often don’t understand their current or emerging needs.

Many companies outside of the tech sector are building their software capabilities for success in the digital era.

Product managers are the glue that sticks many functions together. These functions all touch at least some of same products if not all:

  • engineering, design, customer success, sales, marketing, operations, finance, legal, and more.

The Product Managers of the past, focused on execution and were measured by the on-time delivery of engineering projects.

Are You a Digital Product Manager of the Past?

As a Product Manager of today, you make decisions about what gets built but also influences every aspect of how it gets built and launched.

You wear many hats, using a broad knowledge base to balance their decisions, and bring together cross-functional teams, ensuring collaboration between diverse functions.

You prime yourself for the future role, you tend to have sailed into this role via three various streams.

You are either:

  • Technologists (VMware, AWS)
  • Generalists (Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb)
  • Business Orientated (Salesforce, Zynga, Chase)

What are Your Future Career Prospects?

  • I know that roles in digital can often be temporary and unsustainable due to the stage or phase of evolution any company’s’ digital journey is at
  • I  know that digital is here to stay

Does this Mean the “mini – CTO / CEO” will be the next CEO or CDO?

The three streams that the CDO / CEO tend to have sailed through to reach this point of their career are those that are:

  • Ex-Agency (traditional interactive marketing leaders)
  • Digital Transformation Strategists (change/re-invention agents for their organization)
  • Technologists (those who view digital primarily from an enterprise perspective)

Some views are that the:

  • CIO will be replaced by the CDO
  • CEO is ranked the 3 highest recruited role in digital currently (International Research Institute)
  • CDO is the six highest paid job (Economic Times)

Do you agree?

Questions are:

  1. Do Digital Product Managers think and act more like a CEO?
  2. Is the CDO and CEO a separate role?
  3. Are CMOs stronger CDOs and future CEOs?
  4. Is the CDO and their team sustainable?

Your views and comments are welcome.

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Unfortunately, Tanya is no longer with the team at BluZinc, however, please reach out to us at contact@bluzinc.uk for any support.