When you hear it, you may think it is obvious that both documents need to contain similar content in order to be a match.  Standard job descriptions from the HR library can be either out of date or only include generic competencies and so the reflection in the mirror is that of someone else!

Most quality Headhunters or Internal Recruiters within employer brands will take a Project / Program Manager brief with a VP or Executive Director, along the following lines:

  • Key skills,  competencies and experience required
  • Cultural and behavioural characteristics
  • Team structure and managerial responsibilities
  • Key challenges over the next 12 months
    • The ideal job candidates past achievements are directly related
  • Project examples by budget, team, length, product / service, industry, internal / external relationships, vendor/suppliers, customers
  • Qualifications eg Prince II, Agile, SCRUM, APMP, MBA, PhD, BSc, BA
  • Longer term career or contract prospects possible
  • Location options and travel requirements
    • Remote, home office, distributed team, office based, exactly what is possible and what is not OK eg number of days or weeks where located
  • Duration & Start Date
    • Ideals
    • When is is business critical?
  • Compensation
    • Upper and lower limits with an anchor point eg 25% above the bottom figure for starting salary for that grade of employment
    • Salary basic pay, bonus & details of all terms, conditions and benefits
    • Daily Rate Budget (Worker pay and/or all inclusive agency rates or fees)
  • Selection and Decision Process
  • Talent acquisition methods and solutions available
    • What has worked well before, and why?
    • What might be the best approach for this job opening?

Maybe you are a brilliant Senior Manager who is not securing enough relevant interviews or ideal job offers?  Maybe you are CEO or COO trying to find the ideal talent for your team, customer needs & corporate vision?

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