Reporting to the CEO / Owner, we present with enthusiasm this awesome new job opening on behalf of our client, Trulacta and Adventa Bioscience.

Human Milk – Proven Startup for Expansion

To be considered an appropriate potential candidate for hire, we need your resume and profile to represent:

  • Strategic yet hands on; Inspires People; Growth Hacker
    • eg ARR of approximately $1MM rapidly grown to circa $5MM to $10MM or more
  • Excellent SEM / SEO /  Direct Response D2C online sales background
    • Probably a former Ads and/or Email CRM specialist
    • Strong with data, analytics, KPIs, RFM and online sales funnel optimization, landing pages, SKU merchandising
  • People management; internal & external staff, agencies, consultants, affiliates, partners, events
  • Experienced in the full marketing mix, integrated omni/multichannel
  • Previous start up product / small independent company results
  • From any of alternative medicine, therapies, functional beverages / nutrition, food supplements, nutraceuticals, biohacking
  • Knows about high levels of education and trust in order to sell CPGs
  • Well educated and strong career history of 2-3+ years tenure with excellent references
  • Excellent interpersonal & communication skills in all mediums and formats

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Trulacta is the result of an unwavering quest to bring 6 million years of nutritional goodness to the masses, an endeavor finally made possible by their Innovative Biomanufacturing Process. We can now fulfill the mission: to provide the nutrient-rich power of human milk just as nature intended, in easy supplemental form for health-conscious adults. All human bodies are made to recognize, accept and thrive on Human Milk Bionutrients™ (HMBs™).

The worlds only supplement that is completely derived from human milk.

A revolution in whole body health.  Formulated by nature.  Perfected by science.

After taking Trulacta, I started noticing decreases in bloating, abdominal cramping and internal bleeding.

Amelia Groves, Trulacta Customer

BluZinc provides consultancy talent acquisition and selection services with clients who partner exclusively with our team and retain the services of our CEO, Jonathan Pearson who you will meet at the 1st stage virtual meeting within the next 1-2 weeks.  We are keen to learn more about your experience, knowledge, abilities, characteristics and career needs, aspirations and goals.  Jonathan will brief you on the job opening, career prospects and culture to help facilitate the perfect fit and provide feedback at every step in the process.

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