BluZinc Commerce Transformation Jobs are working with the client CEO and Operations Manager for the hiring of these awesome career opportunities within eGaming & consumer media entertainment. We are interested in candidates with experience of consumers who understand 2 or more of Mandarin or Cantonese, Japanese and English.

Location: Douglas, Isle of Man (you need either a UK or EU passport, and the employer will process your work permit plus assist with all aspects of relocation including providing an expenses budget

Salary, £ : Base commensurate with experience and ability + bonus + benefits

A brilliant time to join, with a number of high quality brand operator clients to support for the UK, Europe, Asia.

Candidates with previous eGaming / eSports experience are invited to apply to these jobs eg Sportsbook or Casino

  • Financial Director of Payments
  • Compliance, Risk & Regulation Manager
  • ePayments Support Specialist
  • Director of Brands / Managing Director level
  • Compliance Officer – IoM or near Dublin, Ireland

For all job openings:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in all formats and mediums
  • Self confident, authentic, ambitious, positive, enthusiastic

If you are in London for example. with around 23%-40% income tax, relocating to be a resident of the IoM on eg £50K is the equivalent of around £65K before tax in the UK. £100K is like £140K in the UK.

Isle of Man Introduction

For further information please APPLY ASAP via our careers page, and your initial call will be with our CEO, Jonathan Pearson to discuss your achievements, needs, aspirations. 

Jonathan will share more about the client story and vision along with supporting you through the selection and onboarding process.  We can wait for someone outstanding however for most jobs, we would love to move swiftly along for an ideal candidate to join within the near future!

BluZinc clients have diverse and inclusive, extremely high performing cultures based globally remote or in London, Austin, Boulder, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Margate, Douglas, Europe, Durban. 

We are location agnostic, remote working digital nomads, and job title agnostic as hiring is our speciality, and relationships drive the success.  Part of a $300MM global independent recruiters association able to headhunt hidden talent in every function and location via your BluZinc Consultant Recruiter.