The Impact of Employee Onboarding on Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employee Experience

Recruiting and onboarding new team members is key to SMB growth, so it is more important than ever to have a strong and effective employee onboarding process that engages and excites your new starters. Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into an organization, which includes providing them with the information and resources they need to be successful in their roles.  

Employee onboarding is also critical for delivering on a company’s employee value proposition (EVP). The EVP is the overall value that a company offers to its employees, and it is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent. A good employee onboarding process can help to communicate the company’s EVP to new employees and make them feel welcome, engaged and valued from day one. 

Bringing Company Values to Life in a Fun Way 

One of the best ways to bring a company’s values to life during the onboarding process is to use fun and engaging activities. This can help to make new employees feel more comfortable and connected to the company culture.

For example, some companies use games and simulations to teach new employees about the company’s values. Other companies use storytelling and role-playing to help new employees understand how the company’s values are applied in the day-to-day work environment.

Onboarding shouldn’t be a diary full of meetings either, experiencing the other functions and departments and learning what the business does isn’t just a HR thing, managers and leaders from across the business should be invested in not only their own hires, but ensuring everyone feels welcome.

Employee Onboarding and EVP

According to a study by BambooHR, companies with a strong employee onboarding process have a 50% higher chance of retaining new hires after the first six months. Additionally, a study by Aberdeen Group found that companies with a strong employee onboarding process experience a 25% increase in employee engagement.

On the other hand, companies with a weak employee onboarding process are more likely to experience high employee turnover rates. According to a study by Glassdoor, companies with a weak employee onboarding process lose 20% of their new hires within the first 90 days.

The First 90 Days

A good employee onboarding process can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. According to a study by the ROI Institute, companies with a strong employee onboarding process experience a 69% improvement in productivity. Additionally, a study by Gallup found that companies with a strong employee onboarding process have a 20% increase in sales. 

What works well 
Pre-boardingStart the onboarding process before the employee’s first day by sending them a welcome packet and inviting them to attend a virtual orientation, where possible introduce them to their new team members. 
Get paperwork done ASAPHave new hires complete any necessary paperwork, such as tax forms and employee handbooks, before their first day. Overwhelming employees with too much paperwork on the first day / week can be boring and not engaging. 
Give out a welcome packageGive new hires a welcome package that includes company swag, such as a t-shirt or water bottle, and information about the company culture.
Introduce them to key peopleIntroduce new hires to key people in the company, such as their manager, coworkers, and HR representative. This should also include cross functional departments that they will be working with. 
Assign mentorsAssign new hires a mentor who can help them learn the ropes and answer their questions. Having someone who has recently joined the company (less than 6 months) can also be useful as they can give real time advice on their own experience. 
Provide regular feedbackProvide new hires with regular feedback so they know how they’re doing and where they can improve, and don’t assume after 4 weeks they will know everything!! 
Make it fun!Make the onboarding process fun and engaging by using games, simulations, and other activities. Invite new starters to after work activities so they can see the fun culture as well as the work culture. 

When onboarding goes bad..

“I turned up at a new job to find the person who hired me was away for a week and no one else knew what I was supposed to do. No desk, nothing. Standing in the middle of the office while they all just looked at me blankly.”

“The HR department got my location wrong, gave me the incorrect start date and failed to send me any information regarding expectations of starting, such as who to ask for, what time to get there, what to bring with me.”

When it’s done well… 

“It may sound counterproductive, but MailChimp uses a revolutionary strategy for its onboarding process: they make sure new employees don’t work during their first week. They employ an intense and complete onboarding process during the first five days so that when starting the second week, they can work at almost 100%”

“We have an all-hands once a month, a hackathon every 6 months, and each department has a quarterly social event – so there’s always something to invite new hires to before their first day. We even invited four new joiners to Tuscany last year!”

Marnie Richards – Head of People at eduMe

“My onboarding experience was well balanced and set expectations for my journey at Ourspace. I got a mix of small operational wins, exposure to customers, fun ways to get to know the team, and big-picture context. It was nice to not feel too overwhelmed with to-dos while also getting a clear direction.”

Employee onboarding is an essential part of any successful business. By investing in a strong employee onboarding program, companies can improve their employee retention rates, increase employee engagement, and boost productivity. In addition, a good employee onboarding process can help to communicate the company’s values and culture to new employees. This can help to create a positive and productive work environment for everyone.

Employee Lifetime Value

Source: Academy To Innovate HR

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