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If you are an HR Director looking for a highly relevant executive recruitment career service, with Consultants who invest the time, providing a thorough service, in person, this article is for you…

Independent, privately owned recruitment and employment agencies, members of TEAM offer some of the most developed relationships with clients and possess deep understanding of cultural needs.  Many TEAM members have clients stemming back over 20 years, most of which rarely instruct some of the most commonly recognised brands.

We provide you with access to some of the most straight forward, and time saving application processes available, where you receive constructuctive contact and support at the most appropriate times.

Earlier this year, BluZinc carried out a Search for a Head of International HRBP, Resourcing & Talent Management in London.  Where possible, every qualified candidate receives an initial introduction and registration call to understand skills, needs and aspirations.  As a minimum “application gratitude” letters, process, timescales and contact information are provided to all candidates.

“It is who you know; not just what you know”

We optimise our digital technology platforms so that we can effectively search profiles and produce quality and relevant candidates, who receive our new opportunity alerts.  There’s no surprise that most of our job alerts and welcomed by BluZinc candidates. Above and beyond digital, it’s about remembering who’s who, which requires a developing relationship and commitment to help all our customers in their mission to find the perfect match.

WendyB released a new role on to the TEAM members portal, for one of their long term Surrey based clients.  This instantly struck a cord with one of our HR Director candidates who originally made contact for the early campaign in London.  Their scientific industry and cultural expertise, the level they operated at, all directly tied in with their career ambitions.

“A perfectly matching opportunity and a service worth recommending”

Together, we planned and coordinated our services so that the candidate received a full briefing over the telephone, by email and in person near the clients head office in a rather good pub.  We had a feeling we might be back to celebrate!  The client and candidate received double the service from highly experienced Recruitment Consultants who facilitated external candidates to attend a full day panel selection.  The candidate who we felt was a perfect turned out to be just so and following a second meeting, successfully onboarded.

Sound simple?  That’s our mission for all our customer services.  With multi-channel attraction methods, we may review 2000 profiles, longlist 60 CVs, and provide a selected shortlist of 1-4 candidates who are suitable for the organisation; so that we support the improvement of productivity and everyones work-life balance.

When a TEAM Member looks for support from other members we provide job descriptions to candidates in over 600 UK locations and internationally across every niche function and skill set that exists!

“We love our job – facilitating your ultimate happiness and an organisations competitiveness.”

If you need any support with local permanent hiring and careers or temporary contract roles in Surrey with WendyB or Director level Executive recruitment services in London or globally with BluZinc please get in touch

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