Qualify A Talent Acquisition Consultants Experience and their Method to Maximise your Productivity

Whether your career search is in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Technology, Operations, Finance or HR as a Manager, Subject Matter Expert (SME), or Executive Director, these questions will save you hassle and disappointment:

  1. Do you have a Brief and a Job Description?
  2. Why are they hiring? 
  3. Have you met the line manager? 
  4. What’s the team and reporting structure?
  5. What are the top 3 challenges in the next 12 months in this job?
  6. What decisions making stages and assessment methods are there in the selection process?
  7. How involved are you in selection?
  8. How many CVs or Resumes are you sending? Are you including me? Are there other agencies or consultancies?
  9. Are there any internal candidates? Why isn’t their anyone internally?
  10. Feedback on my CV / Resume?  Likes and areas for improvement
  11. Do you meet your clients in person? HR or Business contacts?
  12. How would you describe the culture and environment with your client?
  13. Are any of your jobs retained, co-branded, exclusive or repeat business?
  14. How will we keep in touch and communicate? 
  15. Would you like to meet me?
  16. Would you like any references?
  17. What are your organisations values?
  18. Why do you like your job?
  19. What can I do for you?

Maybe don’t ask them all at once and allow the Consultant to lead and facilitate the call initially.

Review their website, and professional profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for other quality indicators.  Some Consultants spend years establishing new client relationships so may initially be protective or guarded, as you quite rightly may be with your CV / Resume and personal information.

If they are assisting the client with the selection stage, and recommending you for a particular career opportunity you need to know who the client is in order to offer your full commitment or not as the case may be.

One of many reasons there is such a wide variety of service quality in the industry, is due to the engagement model organisations use with the agency or consultancy and the business drivers which led to that type of relationship.

Finally, did you feel a natural rapport with a sense of trust, similar values, knowledge and common goals?

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