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Jonathan PearsonCEO & Founder
Jonathan is a Yorkshireman from England living in London with digital nomad flexibility, spending time travelling where his customer and friends are in global locations. He has a love for all things digital and growth so is seriously enjoying relationships with serial entrepreneur Owner/Founders in the UK, Mainland Europe, Africa, Northern America, Asia, Australia.

In digital since GE Capital’s eCommerce Programme in 2000 (excluding a not so fun MSX in 1983), and enjoyed long term success and responsibility for several thousand employee and contractor introductions, with some of the worlds most successful recruitment agencies before creating the BluZinc brand in 2015.

Jonathan is a hiring wizard and understands your corporate vision. He can help you with:

– How to elicit the real need in your ideal hire who will contribute to achieving your business vision and goals by translating your needs into a hiring specification and plan to outsmart your competition

– How to advertise and market your jobs and career opportunities

– Developing your corporate branding and employee value proposition

– How to headhunt in a way that converts to ideal hires within minimal cost

– Employee or Consultant attraction, assessment, selection, onboarding, induction, performance management, retention, succession planning

– Salary / compensation and skills data by location and job title

– Supporting candidates as a career counselor to ensure they find and choose a perfectly matching opportunity which keep them motivated long term and happy!

Many people join a brand and leave a boss. Our philosophy ensures people form relationships that stick to a product, service and customer within a brand.

It’s all designed to facilitate your long term, profitable and sustainable growth and take the pain away.

Jon’s super power is the initial contact or first impression with a potential hire. He validates it with evidenced prior achievements. He understands needs and aspirations in addition to matching culture like a natural fit.

He has been able to open doors of opportunity in his life with the art of a five minute first impression (60 seconds can be false) and a reliable 6ths sense. He believes that listening intensely (stronger than intently), and being to demonstrate a cognitive understanding and interest in the concepts and ideas being expressed by your new acquaintance.

Specific customer locations currently include:

– UK: London, Leeds, Manchester
– EU: Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm
– Northern America: New York, Austin, Boulder, Bay Area – San Francisco & Berkeley, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
– South Africa: Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town

Jonathan is highly professional in his approach to clients and candidates, with the ability to build productive long term business relationships. I have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan.
Maggie Couzens, TietoEnator (formerly AttentiV & Lynx Financial Systems)
Jonathan came on board to help us to fill a number of senior management vacancies. It was proving extremely difficult to recruit into our location. Until his company came on board, we were not achieving the results despite the time and effort we were expending. That changed once Jonathan came on board. He was focused and very motivated to succeed. Jonathan is someone with a lot of integrity and I have no doubts in recommending him to others.
I have known and worked with Jonathan for a number of years now and have worked with him for the past year. I always feel confident when I give a role to Jonathan that this will be effectively worked on by himself or a member of his team. Jonathan is always efficient at liaising appropriately with the line mangers in gaining all the pertinent information for the role. Even when we are struggling with the role he is happy to make recommendations and send alternative candidates. I can also trust Jonathan to carry out ad hoc pieces of work for us such as bench-marking and am reassured that he will make the correct approaches in gaining an understanding of William Hill as a business and the IS department. Coming from a strong background in IT it is always reassuring when Jonathan understands the skills of some of our more technical roles which I think gives him the edge over some of our other IT recruiters. It is always great to have a friendly voice on the end of the phone to deal with and I genuinely enjoy working with Jonathan.
Olivia Forster, William Hill
Jonathan has the ability to see the bigger picture working for sustained long term growth, whilst still achieving short term targets. He is extremely driven, loyal and focused. At a personal level Jonathan has also been a pleasure to work with.
Guy Remond, Cake Solutions
Jonathan and I work together on an events programme called “We Make SharePoint Beautiful” (now called Provoke) and I have been continually impressed by his professionalism, focus and passion for his role while still maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment in what he does. Highly recommended.
Ian Finch, Mando
I first worked with Jonathan in my role of Head of Analysis at Telewest (Virgin Media). Jonathan was leading a significant account to bring in permanent IT resource into the organisation at a time of major change. I was impressed by Jonathan’s knowledge, professionalism and dedication. He listened to what I need, understood that time was something I did not have and above all gave me options. A consummate professional I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
I’m really cautious about making recommendations on Facebook as all too often they’re simply reciprocal “pats on the back”. In this case however I am more than happy to endorse Jonathan and his outlook and commitment to work and the results that he creates. Jonathan genuinely makes the effort to remain close to both his client and his candidates. In a business environment that can sometimes be ruthless he also demonstrates a rare skill – that of truly listening. Do I enjoy working with Jonathan and does he always seek to “make a difference” – yes on both accounts.
David Clark, Gartner