Kelly Stacey
Kelly StaceyFractional COO / CEO Advisor Consultant
ViX Paula Hermanny, Aventus, BVA Commerce, CGS…

With over two decades of high-impact leadership in Branding, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance, Kelly Stacey is a seasoned Fashion Executive who thrives in both B2B and D2C / B2C landscapes. Kelly possesses the knowledge and expertise required to tackle substantial, intricate challenges and devise strategic action plans to accomplish organizational objectives.

BluZinc have obtained excellent references about Kelly’s previous successes and has worked with BluZinc on a number of occasions.

Catapulted a global fashion apparel brand past the $35 million mark, driving a formidable 70% surge in growth.

Refined global operations and expanded revenue streams, significantly exceeded EBITDA expectations.

Spearheaded the launch of the brand’s inaugural physical retail stores, overseeing every detail from site selection to lease negotiations and innovative retail strategies, culminating in sales that surpassed

Forged a groundbreaking partnership with a top-tier European distributor and engineered a financial alliance with a logistics partner, revolutionizing the supply chain with reduced tariffs and a VAT return strategy, enhancing fiscal efficiency.

Championed the revitalization of a lagging eCommerce presence by transitioning to a cutting-edge platform and collaborating with digital strategy experts, resulting in a swift surge in organic web traffic and a marked increase in conversion rates within a mere two months.

Propelled by a commitment to retail management excellence and the cultivation of key wholesaler partnerships, achieved a notable 45% expansion in partner business, which served to strengthen market standing and reinforce industry alliances.

Orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul of operational processes and internal communication, fostering a unified company culture that led to a more streamlined warehousing approach and the strategic consolidation of U.S. offices, significantly enhancing operational synergy.



In the realm of fashion, relying solely on emotions and intuition can result in hasty decisions misaligned with your brand’s vision and strategies. These impulsive choices may elevate risks and lead to unpredictable outcomes, potentially undermining your fashion venture’s stability and growth. Emotional decision-making can introduce inconsistency, causing confusion and uncertainty among your team, eroding trust and cohesion.

What to do instead: In the fast-paced fashion industry, embrace data-driven decisions. Analyzing market trends, consumer preferences, and  Performance metrics empowers you to make informed choices that resonate with your audience. Leverage concrete data to identify  Opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimize your fashion strategies, enhancing your adaptability and thriving in the competitive landscape.



Overloading your fashion business with complexity without considering the infrastructure can strain your creative team, lead to  Inefficiencies, and compromise the quality of your designs. Prioritizing speed over the meticulous craftsmanship that defines the industry often results in dissatisfied customers, increased operational costs, and potential delays in delivering high-quality designs.

What to do instead: Prioritize infrastructure and scalability while maintaining a keen focus on your creative team’s productivity. Ensure your business operations and team can handle growth without compromising their focus on delivering exceptional designs. Invest in systems, technology, and training to support your expansion, fostering an environment that values focus as a critical asset. Balancing growth and excellence ensures your fashion endeavors maintain the quality that defines your brand.



Neglecting your fashion business’s customers can lead to a decline in customer satisfaction, trust, and, ultimately, your brand’s reputation. In the fashion world, where trends are set by customer preferences, ignoring their voices can lead to a gradual erosion of loyalty and tarnish your brand’s image.

What to do instead: Prioritize customer engagement as the cornerstone of your fashion strategy. Actively listen to customer feedback, address concerns, and proactively work to enhance their experience. This not only retains customer loyalty but can transform them into passionate brand advocates. In an era where trends evolve rapidly, customer-centricity is the key to staying ahead in the competitive fashion marketplace.



Neglecting the proper maintenance of financial books and data integrity can have dire consequences for any fashion business. Inaccurate financial information can snowball into problems impacting your company’s health and sustainability, tarnishing your reputation in an  industry that thrives on precision and creativity.

What to do instead: Implement robust data and financial management systems tailored to the scale of your fashion business. Regularly audit and maintain these systems to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your financial records. This accurate financial foundation serves as a beacon of trust for stakeholders, guiding your business’s course with confidence and securing its long-term viability.

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