Are you a CEO or COO of a $3MM – $50MM+ company? If so, you have already done an awesome job! Maybe you had formal training or consultancy on how to elicit your vision, mission and culture, the business case, the strategy, the structure and how to grow you company, who to hire when, your target operating model, the business and enterprise architecture, and your projects & programmes in order to mobilise the sales and marketing road-map while providing excellent customer service for retention and growth! 


  • Are are wondering how on earth you got to $3MM or $50MM+?
  • Do you know how to get to $25MM or $50MM or $100MM+?
  • Maybe you never had the above type of business education?
  • As CEO maybe your 2nd in command, COO or VP Operations needs a mentor in addition to you
    • so you can delegate more and focus on creativity and visionary leadership while regaining your sense of freedom


Sometimes knowing how to maintain what you have built is just as important as knowing how to grow, creating resilient and sustainable teams even during challenging times.  Let me introduce you to Cameron Herold – CEO of COO Alliance who has an in person training event for COOs this April and several in person meet ups with other COOs throughout the year!

Several BluZinc clients and contacts have experienced fantastic results since becoming part of the COO Alliance.




Connection Inside the COO Alliance


The life of a COO can be lonely, stressful, and challenging. Nobody understands operations like you do, nobody is working behind the scenes to prioritize your organization’s key activities, and nobody is executing the CEO’s vision…


Except for you. Unlike the CEO who can attend masterminds and networking events to grow their business, the COO has nowhere to go to connect with other industry leaders, work on improving internal processes, and develop strategic plans for the ops side of the business.


Until now… The COO Alliance was created to connect the Second in Command of today’s top multi-million dollar organizations and help them succeed in their roles… An opportunity to connect with your tribe and learn from some of the best in your industry as you progress in your career.



Created by Cameron Herold, the former COO of the $100MM firm, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, the COO Alliance has grown to become the world’s leading network for COOs. It’s an exclusive, vetted mastermind group only for top COOs in their respective industries. There is finally a place for the Second in Command to turn to for support, resources, and training that helps them excel in their role.