BluZinc Lab

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence and digital platforms is transcending the way people live and work. This convergence is being bridged by the help of the internet and its increased accessibility.

Here at the BluZinc Lab, we help prepare businesses to be able to conceptualise their company visions; facilitating them to incorporate technology that will help to meet their current and future business priorities.

BluZinc Lab is exploring new and exciting methods to source and place candidates as well as express a company’s values, helping to merge the clients and candidates requirements and create the best fit for everyone.

We run extensive research and analysis to provide innovative and practical solutions for companies, which are personal to their market and business needs. This is helped by building good relationships and trust; working together to fulfill a desired goal. We work in partnerships with enterprises who are experts in their respective industries and understand how technology, the internet, and digital platforms are moving forward.

The use of the internet for businesses has endless possibilities if utilised effectively, and BluZinc has already illustrated – through the events it has organised and the work it does – the practical benefits for using the internet, technology and digital platforms by companies to generate ROI and continually grow.

The future of the internet and digital platforms is huge and will be accessible across a variety of industries, but the main focus will be solely on how to personalise an individual’s experience.

Brands that wish to be a part of the next stage for the internet and become a market leader need to take steps now, and BluZinc can help with that. With the growth of augmented reality (AU), artificial intelligence (AI), wearable technology, Big Data management, and potentially telepathy, the future of marketing innovation and services looks bright.

BluZinc are right at the centre of the digital evolution.