Strategy, Advisory, Fractional CMO & Interim Management

BluZinc Interim or Fractional CMO, Multichannel Leader, Digital Director & Marketing Management professionals with an exceptional industry track record to support the Chief Office in times of need.

BluZinc Senior CMO Consultants offer a successful track record operating above expectation within the worlds most admired brands, consultancies or full service agencies helping clients achieve their short, mid and long range goals to realise the business vision.

We provide vision & strategy development, define the ToM, and work with you to highlight key projects required on a programme road-map for continuous digital evolution.  The degree of our involvement is made to measure whether you’re a CEO, managing director, marketing director, eCommerce director, digital director, head of analytics or major corporate Chief Marketing Officer.  You may simply need a trusted advisory to run some ideas past or rely on us to provide a highly skilled project management team of relevant experts.

Critical to all marketing success:

  • Customer & Experience – B2B & B2C & B2E
    Acquisition, Lead Generation, Conversion, Transaction & Customer Value, Retention and Loyalty

  • Online/offline budget allocation – how does this translate in to Targets, KPIs and ROI?
  • Big Data & Analytics is providing the key information to make the most appropriate and relevant decisions not relying on historical or real-time data alone… now commonplace to employ predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs before they do
  • Digital Marketing initiatives need to lead with a strategy of Video & Mobile 1st
  • Technology Platform Enablers for CRM, Ecommerce, Mobile, Social Media: what are the most relevant products or channels for your business?

  • PR, Communications & Events: Globalisation. Localisation & Personalisation
  • Corporate Branding not forgetting about Employee Value Proposition for successful talent acquisition and retention. Without the best people, your organisation will not be the preferred choice by your customers!

  • Emerging digital concepts and required product development? IoT & IoM (smart homes, cars, augmented reality, and wearables, health etc)

BluZinc consultants have a track record of advising new and existing clients how to maximise their ROI and grow their business.

We provide a clear roadmap with structured action points that help propel companies from the old marketing school of thought of ‘talking at customers’ to the new and established form of ‘interaction, engagement and value propositions’, an approach that is perfectly integrated by the evolving digital age.

Every business is different and every CMO faces different obstacles based on their experience and the market they operate in. Any support or advice given has to be personal and tailor made to their situation and environment, and BluZinc prides on providing advice and support that is constructed based on the business, target customer, and the industry in which the company operates in.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and new tools, software and approaches are being developed to enhance a company’s brand and business development. It can difficult to keep track of every new technology in digital marketing. Here at BluZinc we can help identify the right technology needed for your company, and also how to get the best out of them in order to help maximise ROI.

CMO’s that are successful have a very well thought out and planned marketing strategy in place. They understand their product, target market, industry and most importantly their personal and business capabilities very well. They understand how to work around their limitations and build on their competences to gain competitive advantages. BluZinc can help devise a strategy that equips the CMO, and by extension the company, with the necessary tools and know-how in order to achieve their goals and objectives.