Internet of Me

The ‘Internet of Things’ has paved way for the colonisation by the ‘Internet of Me’, where the customer can be considered king. Driven by personal devices and ‘wearables’, people now have access to vast amounts of information and the ability to control the world around them, literally at their fingertips. The phrase ‘the world in the palm of my hands’ never felt so literal before now.

With easier accessibility to the internet, devices are able to learn and grow through machine-to-machine learning, to become smarter and more efficient. People’s wellbeing can be monitored to optimise their output, through updates such as energy intake/outtake or ideal sleeping time required to remain fresh and on top of work.

A more personalised experience for the customer – giving them what they want – leads to increased customer satisfaction, referrals and the goodwill of a brand. Customers, are able to do exactly what they want without fuss or delay, eliminating any interruptions in achieving their desired goals.

‘Internet of Me’ is constantly evolving and seeping into every part of our life. It is no longer a theory, but a tangible and practical solution to an improved way of living. Although the internet is huge, the ability to provide personalised experiences to customers is what makes it appealing and desirable, and with the continued development of predictive analytics and AI, this will only continue to enhance and enrich a customer’s online experience, as well as their personal life.