Interim Manager

MattInterim eCommerce Product Director
Matt is a Kellogg MBA graduate who has spent the last 20 years using technology to anticipate and satisfy customer needs. A former Management Consultant, in his early career he was deeply immersed in telecommunications from a global strategy, sales and marketing perspective, maximizing profitability for Motorola’s mobile devices. Having bootstrapped his own e-commerce start-up, he then went on to oversee the and websites as Senior Director, eCommerce Product Management. Within this highly matrixed omni-channel retailer he drove improvements to the user experience and profitability of segments ranging from fashion to fridges. A UK National with local and international achievements and specialties in eCommerce, Digital, Marketing and Product that will benefit any competitive consumer-focused e-Commerce organization. He is available for consulting and if you are a Director or CEO it would be worth having a coffee with Matt to discuss your e-Commerce strategy.

Key Achievements

Strategy and leadership of product managers to optimise consumer buying experience which led to a 16% increase in revenue per visitor across 2 major B2C websites
Global navigation improvements based upon consumer testing producing $80M gains on implementation
As global product pricing manager effectively managed expert analysts and tenders to organisations such as Verizon, SKT, Unicom, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange as well as global distributors
Built own e-commerce start-up, negotiating supply agreements, working with design and engineering teams on website and media agencies for digital and social media marketing strategy

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