At BluZinc, we are a remote working team. We have consultants based all over the world and for our employees and the business, it works fantastically. Are you wondering what are the real benefits to a business that decides to move to a remote working environment?

Cost of Remote Working

Not requiring the overheads of a centralised office space will save you money, you will be surprised that most of the technology you already have could be used in a remote environment and therefore the initial move to remote will not take too much getting used to or involve much systems training. Studies have shown that if a “typical business” allowed their employees to commute for half the time they would save $11,000 per year.

Quality Employees

You will be able to hire the best employees from all over the world. You will no longer need to worry about the restrictions of visas, and commuting to the office. Wherever an employee is based in the world will be fine; they can be self employed working for you and stay in their own country.


It is estimated that US employers lose $1.8 trillion a year due to decreased productivity. This can be down to water cooler gossip, excessive commuting, health issues etc… Studies have shown that remote workers are more productive, this could be down to less distractions than in an office environment or being able to work in an environment that really inspires them.

Staff retention

Allowing employees to mix their day around their passions and other life commitments will also mean you retain staff for longer which will reduce the training of new employees and overheads associated with this. According to a study by Deloitte onboarding a new employee can cost in the range of $4,000 depending on the employee.


A traditional office environment uses a lot of power for office equipment, lights etc… An office environment also tends to have lots of office equipment such as paper, pens, ink etc… This is essentially the opposite of being environmentally friendly. A remote team allows staff to manage all this themselves and reduce their own carbon footprint.

Healthier Staff

55% of people in the UK felt more stressed as a result of their commute. With employees that do not need to commute to the office and spend all day in one place, remote workers have more time to engage in physical activity, therefore, reducing stress, sick days and other medical related time off.

Have you found any other benefits by encouraging remote working in your team? Please comment below and let us know.

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