It can be hard to open yourself up to the market and start job hunting whilst employed particularly when you are in a senior position. This is why we have put together our 7 top tips for senior job hunting whilst employed. We often reach out and connect with senior staff to see if we can help them with their own job search or with recruiting for their current team. We understand that the best talent is not listed on the job boards but here are our top tips to really stand out from the crowd and get noticed by those looking to hire.

  1. Update your LinkedIn. Any recruiter or headhunter will look at your LinkedIn profile after receiving your resume or CV. Make sure you turn off notifications on your LinkedIn profile before updating, this will ensure that your current employer will not be notified of your updates and therefore keep your search on the down-low.
  2. Do not put your resume or CV on the job boards. Be an investigator, find out who the person is who is recruiting for the position and reach out to them directly. You can give them a call or send them an email with your resume or CV. Most people will understand a confidential search and will not mind this approach. It will also keep you in the front of the recruiters mind when they are looking through all the applications.
  3. Network. Reach out to people and connect with others in companies you would like to work in. Use your LinkedIn profile to your advantage. You can send inMails to people and ask if they know of any opportunities within their organisation. Remember some organisations offer a referral bonus so it is always worth asking.
  4. Attend events. This will give you the opportunity to meet with other people in your industry, this could be just an informal chat but it is all building your network and allows you to mention that you are currently looking for work.
  5. Raise your profile. Accept that speaking gig you have been offered, jump on that webinar and share your knowledge. The more you are seen as an industry leader and the more people are aware of you the easier it will be to get that next senior role.
  6. Have a 90-day plan. When you are interviewing it is so important to be able to showcase your future employer how dedicated you are to achieving great things with that organisation. Nothing showcases this better than having a plan for your first 3 months. Just remember to make this realistic and achievable this could be held against you if you do not achieve this at the end of the 3 months. The best candidate will sail through with results and the interpersonal skills to develop senior stakeholder relations
  7. Anticipate that this will be a long process. When recruiting for senior-level positions there can be a lot of decision makers involved in the process. We at BluZinc do try to get all the necessary steps in a short period of time to allow you to move through the process as quickly as possible but it can be time-consuming so make sure you are prepared for this. If it moves fast, be ready for a 1 to 2-week process… if offered, are your ready to resign and join your new company?

If you are looking for your next senior position then get in contact with our team and have a confidential chat now about how we could help you get your next role.