Did you recently read about Richard Branson’s ‘Future Visions Series’, (Peter Smith is part of)?  In case you don’t know about it, it invites renowned technologists and visionaries to participate in predicting what the future will look like.  It made me think to ask whether you are doing the same? 

The big thing is AI and robotic automation.

As you are aware, IoT and smart devices, will bring automation to our homes, products will be shipped to us, even if a store exists (unlikely to but .. .).  Attendant jobs will automated. Cash will no longer be. Currency ‘will be trustworthy’ tokens. What will this mean for currencies?  All of this will happen within the next two decades.

Are banks facing up to extraordinary changes that are coming? Whether at home, work or play, we have relied on them, for as long as we can remember.  Are all industries, professions, sectors, people, preparing for what may become for their own ‘Uber moment’ or even ‘Kodak moment’? (an Antony Jenkins phrase, ex-CEO of Barclays Bank).

What about Blockchain?

Approved and available everywhere using cryptography, and by possessing a private key to prove and control identity, everything is trustworthy and secure, but means that everything is centralised. CEO, CIO, CFO and CTO’s are you for Blockchain publicly, privately, on the fence or believe it won’t succeed?

Time is running out for game changers (and those against it)!

It’s a bit like the ‘the frog in boiling water’. Throw him in while it’s boiling and he jumps out but if you let him sit there while it begins to boil..’.  Transformation happens slowly yet before you know it, it’s too late.  Think BHS and Woolworths and other brands who failed to successfully adopt eCommerce consumer sales and a multi-channel strategy.

Are you the legendary visionary for your business?

Deciphering how these changes will affect people, employees, the jobs you have now and those you won’t need in the future. Is your company yet truly digital?

What does this all mean even for your job? Does the new organisation of DAO bother you? The ways in which we do these things will be drastically altered thanks to these ‘generation-defining’ changes in technology.

Blockchain is the industrial revolution of the internet and we have moved to a level of internet of value not only, an interview of information. Skills and expertise in navigating at a high rate of change in each passing generation and it is that expertise that now enables us to look as the world changes and blockchain blossoms. It has happened and it is vital for everyone, to be fluent with what is coming and happening digitally.

What do you think?   Want to talk more about:

  • IA/Robotics and blockchain (believers or on the fence)
  • Jobs of the future and the DAO organisation
  • Able to meet for coffee breakfast, with like-minded visionaries appeal to you (for or against)?

Please share your thoughts and views; don’t be shy.

With gratitude,