There is so much to do in Boulder, Colorado, whatever the season is that you visit.

Pearl Street

This pedestrianised heart of Boulder is the perfect place to eat out, sip coffee, try a microbrewery or just simply people watch. Street performers and flowers fill the 4 blocks long mall all year round. If there is one thing you should do whilst in Boulder this is certainly it.

The Flatirons

If you have seen any picture of Boulder then I am sure you would have seen The Flatirons. They are a magical backdrop that can be seen from any angle. These rocks form the areas most popular rock climbing routes however there are also many different walks and hikes for any level.

Avery Brewery

Established in 1993 Avery Brewery was the first to package an IPA in Colorado in 1996. Would recommend a tour which you do have to book in advance. The tours run at 4pm every day during the week. If you have not been that organised then you can just drop in and sample some of the beers in the tap room.

Farmers Markets

Named number 1 in the country by USA today the Farmers Markets are a great way to fit in and shop like a local while you are in the area. Open Wednesdays 4pm–8pm, May–October and Saturdays 8 am–2pm, April through November. This is the best place to shop local produce.

And of course, skiing at Eldora

Just 30 minutes away from Boulder is Eldora. Eldora’s base level is 9,200m above sea level and receives 300m of snow per year. Perfect for Skiing and snowboarding of any level. If you are not into the skiing then you can always check out the range of events they have throughout the year.

This list doesn’t even come close to listing all the things there are to do in Denver but we hope this has sparked your interest. If you are ready to make the move and commit to a new career in Boulder, Colorado then get in contact with us today or check out our digital jobs careers page.