Skyrocket Your Success: Learn from Those Who’ve Done It—Their Journey to $170 Million Revealed!

Who this Event is for? 

This event is for entrepreneurial leaders selling Training, Education, Mentorship and Coaching looking to scale their business. You must be ambitious, humble and committed to success.

For the first time ever, get an exclusive look behind the scenes of growth and operations of FortuneBuilders Inc, one of the leading educational, coaching and seminar companies in the world. We are inviting a select few to be part of this extraordinary event where we will share the strategies that fuelled the ascent to $170M in revenue, our $45M yearly marketing budget, successfully generating 1 million new leads annually, and the  systems that hosted 5,000 live events annually. This invite-only event is reserved for just 50 high level industry entrepreneurs based on a trusted recommendation.

Leverage our 15 Years of Coaching and Live Event Experience in 2 Days!

  • What will be taught at this event: Scale your business: Implement growth strategies that propelled FortuneBuilders.
  • Maximize your marketing: Leverage smarter spending for better returns.
  • Enhance customer experiences: Provide world-class service at any scale.
  • Safeguard your growth: Protect your business from regulatory challenges as you expand.
  • Engage effectively: Learn to manage and inspire a thriving community of coaching students.
  • Scale Your Education/Coaching Business: Learn the strategies and steps we implemented to grow an education/coaching business to a $170 million a year. Discover actionable insights to apply to your business model for immediate growth.
  • Manage a Large-Scale Marketing Budget Effectively: Master the art of allocating and optimizing a $45 million yearly marketing budget across multiple channels. Gain insights into budget management techniques that maximize ROI.
  • Build a High-Performing Organic Search Team: Understand the process of assembling and leading an organic search team capable of generating over 500,000 FREE visitors a month. Learn how to replicate our success in your organization to boost your online visibility and traffic without spending on ads.
  • Achieve a 5-Star Reputation: Discover the strategies to build and maintain a 5-star rating reputation online while consistently generating 1 million new leads every year. See how to develop an alert system to spot threats without affecting revenue retention.
  • Marketing Call Centers: Dive into the logistics and best practices for building out and managing multiple 100-seat call centers. Discover how call centers can boost your lifetime value and become your most profitable investment.
  • Enhance Your Business with Live Events: Uncover how to plan and execute 5,000 engaging live events each year, learning the logistics and secrets behind impactful events that captivate your audience. Discover the reasons behind live events’ superior revenue generation compared to webinars & virtual funnels.
  • Unlock Explosive Growth: Master Multi-Million Dollar Strategies for Immediate Success
  • Optimize Product Offerings and Pricing Strategies: Engage in a comprehensive review of our products and pricing structures, focusing on the insights gained from conversion rates at various stages of the sales funnel. Learn how to analyze and adjust your offerings to maximize conversions and revenue.
  • Enhance Sales Scripts for Higher Close Rates: Participate in an in-depth analysis and optimization of our current sales scripts to improve your sales team’s close rates. Discover techniques and strategies that make your pitches more compelling and resonate better with potential customers.
  • Accelerate New Sales Member Onboarding and Productivity: Uncover our proven methods for hiring and training new sales team members, enabling them to quickly start contributing to revenue. Learn about the training materials, processes, and support systems that facilitate rapid onboarding and early success. Sales Implement Effective Sales Team
  • Management Dashboards: Explore the dashboards and tools we’ve created to manage and motivate multiple sales teams that consistently meet and exceed targets. Learn how to track key performance indicators (KPIs), set goals, and provide feedback that drives sales performance.
  • Boost Lifetime Value of Leads Through Strategic Partnerships: Learn the strategies we employed to significantly increase the lifetime value (LTV) of our leads by leveraging affiliates, forming strategic partnerships, and through selective company acquisitions. Understand how to identify and cultivate these opportunities to enhance your revenue streams over the long term.
  • Learn Our Secrets to Customer Retention Through Strategic Student Onboarding: Learn how we dramatically reduced refund rates as we onboarded 80-100 high ticket coaching students every week. Ensure that the revenue you work so hard to generate and the students you enrol continue in your program. Learn how we built out our entire student onboarding and retention team.

San Diego, May 16th and 17th

This is an invitation only event with a qualifying criteria.  For detailed information including speaker Bios, please arrange a time to speak with Jonathan Pearson – CEO, BluZinc on the APPLY NOW button or email or use the contact form.